Outdoor Wildflower Beauty Portraits

Experiencing Beautiful Moments

Winchester VA, Shenandoah Valley


Anita loves warm weather, flowers, photography, beautiful scenery, stylish dresses and sharing her experience with Buddy!!!

When I asked How She Dreams of Being Photographed it was clear we are doing scenic outdoor beauty portraits.

Since it was still hot summer days, we started late evening to capture dramatic sunset as a background.

Framed Portrait from All About Emotions
Anita loved so much this portrait where she and Buddy sitting together surrounding with wildflowers and dramatic sunset on background. What a thoughtful gift for herself – preserving beautiful memories.


Quotation from Anita ” Ladies experiences are what make up the beauty in our lives …. Lots of smiles and laughter in this one … It’s worth a try …” 


Winchester VA, Women Beauty Portrait Photographer

Simply unforgettable.

With Love!

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