High School Senior Boy Portraits

Modern Men 


I will not tell you a lie, this project was challenging in the beginning and took me some time to get connected with my model Drew.

Drew was one of my first male high school senior student models. I personally wanted to challenge myself and learn more about modern high school boys, during this transition period in their lives.

Why do I say it was challenging? Simply because boys are naturally different than girls the portrait session experience itself has a different feel and energy behind it. I only had one in-person meeting with Drew before his session, where we did his wardrobe styling consultation. Unlike with girls, where we meet a couple times, and do wardrobe shopping, followed by hair and makeup sessions which gives us a lot time to build warm and trusted relationship before I ever capture them from behind the camera.

But this experience was wonderful and once we did connect in the middle of the session, I saw his beautiful and deep eye connection and his energy come out and it filled the studio. It was THAT trusted moment that I was waiting for, his mom saw it too and actually purchased a wall-size version that that very portrait moment.

Then we headed to his favorite place, the school’s gym.
For him it was his favorite and most exciting part. For me it presented another challenge, a more technical one, which I call them “action shots”. We positioned 3 light set ups to give life and color to his images.
Drew’s mom Christine was so supportive and worked hard behind the scenes running with a light at the same speed as Drew was moving.

I would like to thank you Drew’s basketball coach Tyrell, for coming and opening up the gym for this special day! I appreciate your support and your time!!!

As a conclusion, I found Drew, very mature for his age. He is a very modest and smart kid. I wish I had more time to learn about him….


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