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Personal Brandig Portraits

I received a “one” sentence email from a potential client “How much is your branding?”

No greeting or salutation just a rushed question. Luckily I was able to search the email address and found that it was a locally based surgeon’s office. The employee who wrote me the message works as the office manager so it was not a scam.

I replied to her by sharing a link to the types of services I provide, the investment information along with my own question “What is are your expectations and needs”.

Her next “one” sentence reply was ” Just quick in and out portraits”

I politely thanked her saying that I would not be a good fit for them. I said this for a number of reasons but mainly because I take branding seriously and branding portraits can’t be done quick in and out.

This abrupt, hurried and impersonal one line approach to conversation with me a vendor highlights company’s culture. Wander if they even need branding at this stage?


Office Managers are often the first person and sometimes the only contact that customers and vendors have with your company. They become the business owners voice and face and as a result and our initial judgments of the business are based on our experience with this individual.

How important corporate culture and branding is runs far deeper than many are aware.



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